Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Importance of Downtime for Your Brain’s Effective Functioning

Research has proven that we do better at work if we take more downtime. That’s why, leaders openly express their love for vacations, weekends and family time. Do you find yourself working on Sundays too? Checking emails, working on backlog projects, talking to colleagues seems a part of your holidays? Though work needs to get done, this behavior can actually hamper your brain. Instead of boosting productivity, overworking can be counterproductive. A leadership coach in India will tell you that you need more rest than you’re getting to recharge your brain.

Our Brains Aren’t Made for a Marathon

As anxiety disorders and depression patients are increasing by the day, it’s time to rethink our hectic schedules. Brain based coaching states that our brains aren’t designed to stay alert for long hours. In olden times, hunting and gathering food required only a few hours. The other time was spent relaxing and socializing. Now, we spend over 10 hours working, doing the same thing all through the day. After coming home, we’re again in our phones or the TV or some other stimulating activity. We get little sleep and the next day, we’re back to living a busy life.

Our brain works more and is more active than any other organ or muscle in the body. Neuro coaching states that we can focus only for 90 to 120 minutes before our brain needs some rest. If you honor the natural rhythm of your brain, you will find yourself to be more creative, innovative and productive at work.

How Can You Take Brain Breaks?

After you achieve a good goal, you need some time to relax and recharge your brain. According to neuro coaching, simple activities like the following can give your brain some time off.

a person at work looking outside the window

1. Go Outside – 

When you go out in the sunshine, it increases the production of Vitamin D and serotonin and makes you feel good. If you can’t step out, try looking outside a window for a few minutes.

a person taking a nap at work

2. Take a Nap –

Taking a short afternoon nap can reduce sleepiness and enhance your brain’s cognitive function. Plus, it also boosts your short-term memory and your mood.

a person away from technology

3. Unplug –

In our technologically advanced age, this is extremely important. Don’t answer your phone, turn off your TV and computers for a few minutes. The silence and peace is really good for your brain as per leading brain based coaching techniques.

a person playing scrabble at work

4. Take Some Play Breaks – 

You can play a round of cards with your friends or colleagues or play a small game on your phone or computers. When your brain gets an opportunity to solve problems, it functions better. Just remember to do it for a short time and then get back to work!

a person walking in suit

5. Invest in Exercise – 

It is one of the best things you can do for your brain. Leadership coach in India recommends simple things like walking, taking the stairs or parking away from your destination. Stretching for five minutes at work can do a lot of benefit to your productivity.

After smaller breaks and downtime, your brain releases more alpha waves that make you feel good. By opting for brain based coaching, you will understand the importance of downtime and you’ll probably book the much-needed vacation too!

Monday, 19 November 2018

All About Procrastination and How to Overcome it

Ever wondered why you procrastinate? What holds you back when you’re about to take a big leap? Brain based coaching often mentions that people who are anxious about the negative consequences of their actions tend to procrastinate more. Think about the times when you set a big visionary goal for yourself. Maybe you decided to get fit by waking up early every day and going for a jog. Maybe you wanted to pursue a new hobby to be more creative. Or maybe you aspired to be more social and meet up with your friends. However, there is something that stops you. It’s procrastination.

It doesn’t just affect your personal goals, but professional ones too. For instance, a lot of leaders in MNCs and other corporations experience that the first challenge to overcome when taking a leap is procrastination. It is linked to our brain structure. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fight it. Our brain is extremely responsible and changes throughout our lifespan. With the help of neuro coaching, you can deconstruct what your brain is indicating and definitely achieve your goals.

You’re Not Alone

Procrastination is a challenge faced by all of us at some point in our lives. When we’re productive, we temporarily forget procrastinating. Thus, we can feel accomplished and satisfied with ourselves and our work. Wondering how you can make these moments of productivity become a routine? With the help of a leadership coach in India, you can embrace strategies to take action.

Some questions that brain based coaching will help you ask and find answers to include:

fear is the reason of procrastination

1. What is the real reason that is holding you back?

Think about what are you scared about. Are you worried about the consequences or does it involve monetary issues? Pin point what is holding you back and you’re already one step closer to overcoming procrastination.

a regular procrastinator

2. If you define the issue as a habit, what would it be?

Are you a habitual procrastinator? Does it take you a lot of effort to take action when it comes to something new and exciting? Remember that habits can be changed too!

a fight in relationship

3. Where else is it impacting your life? How?

Is your procrastination impacting your relationships? Does it change the way you work or you take care of yourself?

a man making a plan

4. Now that you have had an insight, what would you like to do differently?

When you realize the effects of procrastination, neuro coaching can help you look at the ways in which you can change your habits.

a guy weighing pros and cons

5. What part of the goal/plan you are not buying into?

If it’s a business goal, is there any fear that you are worried about? In terms of personal plans, what’s the thing that is always pricking in your mind?

A person succeeding at his goals

6. What positive outcome do I get by completing this action?

Rather than thinking about the negative aspects of the goal, think about what will happen if you complete this action. Take small steps to overcome procrastination. You’ll be amazed at how positive results will help you do better in your battle with procrastination.

Take the support of a leadership coach in India and you’ll be motivated to make a change in your life. Goodbye procrastination. Hello positive actions!

Friday, 26 October 2018

Emotional Agility – The Key to Your Success!

Have you heard about emotional agility? It usually aligns with the commonly used term emotional intelligence, but the concepts aren’t interchangeable. For instance, emotional intelligence is about being aware of your emotions and being in control of them. Emotional agility refers to approaching your inner experiences in a mindful and productive way. Emotional agility is all about navigating through the maze of human emotions effortlessly. With the help of a leadership coach in India, you will be able to be emotionally agile during various situations.

A person looking himself in the mirror

The Power of Emotional Agility 

Neuro coaching often mentions that the way we look at our inner self strongly determines how we live and the success we find in our life. If we have a negative self-image, it can be destructive and impair our potential for success. If you want to be emotionally agile, you must be flexible with your thoughts and feelings. For those who hold concrete beliefs of their past, change can be very difficult. For example, a seed cannot grow from concrete. It needs fertile soil, sunlight and water to thrive. Similarly, we need various new experiences and thoughts to shape our emotional well-being. When we look at our emotions as a message or information, we can set energy in motion based on our perceptions.

A person yelling at his employees

How Lack of Emotional Agility Can Affect You?

If you lack emotional agility, it can impact your decision-making capabilities. For example, leaders are always expected to be in control. Thus, they might avoid new experiences or challenges that can possibly trigger any negative thoughts. This can cause them to miss out on opportunities that may be good for them and their company. Negativity can often steer us in the wrong direction. Emotional inflexibility can set a bad example in the workplace and in your relationships too. It can create an unhealthy environment where not speaking freely or emotional outbursts become the norm.

How Can You Be More Emotionally Agile?

People who are emotionally agile will always align their values and actions in small but powerful ways. Every tiny change can be a stepping stone towards a lifetime of growth and success. Wondering what happens in your brain when you’re emotionally agile? Brain-based coaching has found that the emotional part of our brain - the limbic system calms down and the decision maker - the prefrontal cortex is able to focus on the long-term goal. Our brain also responds appropriately to the triggers and we are able to handle difficult situations maturely. There are two ways you can practice emotional agility:

A person at work with closed eyes

1. Acceptance


Rather than fighting or hiding away from your negative emotions, you should first accept them and allow your mind and body to feel them completely. When you accept your negative emotions, you can find healthy ways to deal with them. You can always take the help of a leadership coach in India to ensure that you avoid making decisions on the basis of your negative emotions. Instead, you will find better ways to deal with your employees and be a happier and respected leader.

a businessman talking to his team

2. Actions

Once you accept your emotions, you don’t need to act upon them. Rather, you should make value-based decisions to shape your culture at home and at the workplace that’s built on values. When you have to take an action, consider your values and not just your emotions for better decision-making abilities.

Neuro coaching will help you to deal with life’s changes positively with the right emotional agility. Change tends to confront us and we might be scared of any changes affecting our lives. Having emotional agility can facilitate healthy transitions from one level to the next according to brain-based coaching.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Who Should Consider Elite Transition Coaching & How Can It Help?

Elite transition coaching is aimed at senior professionals who want to step into a leadership role or want to start a business venture on their own. Professionals who have a vast experience and knowledge built over their years of expertise have a great opportunity to excel in their field. However, sometimes, even the best professionals need some guidance and assistance to achieve immaculate success.

A leadership coach in India can give you the encouragement and confidence to help you succeed in the first days of your job or entrepreneurial venture and rapidly accelerate the value you bring to your new role. A transition period can offer a great opportunity to lay the foundation for success. If you’re navigated correctly with the help of neuro coaching, you can develop credibility, win trust, engage your key stakeholders and above all, build momentum for the future.

Benefits of Working with an Elite Transition Coach:

Transitions can be as scary as a bison charge for some, while it can be exhilarating and filled with adrenaline rush for others. While some leaders might have everything in place and ready for the next step, others may have sacrificed their personal dreams to achieve professional success. When you opt for brain-based coaching, you can expect to lead a more purpose-driven life. A leadership coach in India will enrich your thought process with coaching sessions wherein you get the safe space to realize your bigger purpose as you move ahead in life and take on new responsibilities and challenges.

Generally, elite transition coaching helps you press pause on the big life changes so that you can gain control over your brain and shift all your anxiety and stress into happiness, creativity and contentment. After your coaching lessons, you will be able to solve problems proactively and find solutions on your own in the best possible ways. If you want to reclaim your perspective towards your business, a new job or a promotion, neuro coaching can help you make positive moves in your life so that you are prepared for all the success that awaits you in the world.

Key Facets of an Elite Transition Coach:

Possesses a wealth of career coaching experience in elite transition coaching.

 an expert coach with white hair

Can help you in subjects related to business, HR, career coaching, personal coaching, education, counselling, psychology and more.

 a coach and client talking

Can prepare you for all your long-term and short-term goals, whether it’s for your job, business or any personal achievement you want to conquer.

a man setting a goal

Understands the unique circumstances of unique candidates and thus, specifically designs coaching sessions that help you deal with your specific requirements.

a coach designing a session

Prepares a complete program for brain-based coaching that is designed to increase your hiring chances and helps you train for a bigger and better career opportunity.

a person preparing for exams

Helps people through various life stages and addresses your current transition to make it more manageable.

a person going through a transition

You can be assured that after a coaching program, you will be able to thrive in your new transitional role.

a happy business man

Elite transition coaching helps leaders and senior professionals aim for the stars and brightens up their path along the way. Whether you want to improve your personal relationships, rekindle lost dreams or start a new journey of success, a coach can show you the right way for a rewarding future.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Why You Should Consider Crossroads Coaching?

How well we do in our lives is often determined by our levels of self-esteem. The amount of good you let into your life (be it money, love, relationships or health) can have a snowball effect on the quality of your life. Many a times, difficult emotions can have an effect on our brain, body and spirit and make it challenging to take the right decisions. In such situations, crossroads coaching can help you lead a stronger and smarter life.

a business man signing an agreement

What is Crossroads Coaching?

It is a neuro coaching aimed at people who are in a leadership role, whether it is in their personal or their professional lives. Using various neuroscience tools to process various emotions, a leadership coach in India can give you direction to empower your future with the right mindset. When you opt for a crossroads coaching, you get a safe space to reflect on your choices, whether they are personal or professional. You can then take decisions that align with your individual or company values and be in complete control of your future.

 two confident businessmen

How Can Coach Help You?

A coach will recognize and understand the message hidden behind every emotion you feel and then, will hold you accountable to choose the right path. For instance, if you’re at a crossroad where you can’t decide if you should take up a new job that’s more challenging and takes you out of your comfort zone or stick to your current job that ensures stability, it may be time to opt for brain based coaching. A coach will help you distinguish between the path that you choose out of fear and the path that you take out of courage. This differentiation and clear thinking can pave the path for success, no matter who you are and what struggle you’re facing.

mentor mentee meeting

What Results Can You Expect?

A leadership coach in India will help you in assessing your EQ (Emotional Quotient) awareness and understanding. They make the learning about EQ a personal experience and partner with you throughout your journey of growth and development. Leaders will learn how to take their team ahead and make it possible for everyone to achieve success together. Practicing emotional intelligence becomes easy with neuro coaching as the learning becomes easy to understand and apply in your daily life. Expect effective and lasting results sooner as coaches apply science to rewire your brain for happiness or success.

Whether you want to take control of your life, find your happiness or realize your greater potential, it all begins with your ability to take the right decisions, especially when times are tough. When you partner with a happy brain coach, you can move forward in your life and achieve everything you want and more. Brain based coaching uses scientific tools and strategies to help people grow in their personal and professional lives. It is a road map to success for times when crossroads make it challenging to see the right path ahead. Book your session with a brain coach today and see the difference!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Prosperity Mindset Coaching and Brain Based Decision Making

A lot of us are trained to see limitations and lack in our lives. Right from turning on the television and watching the tragic news to reading bad things in the newspaper, our minds are conditioned to see the bad side of life most of the times. Even on social media, if we see others enjoying their lives, traveling or celebrating, we tend to realise the lack of love, money or success in our lives.

a person stuck in negative thinking

Times when the human brain notices a lack of something, it transforms into an insecure and scarcity mindset. It’s easy to look around and have a negative thought process about your life. It’s because most of the times, we have trained our minds to look at the negative side rather than to notice the positives.

positive thinking person

Train Your Mind to Attract What You Want

If you look around, the reality of our existence is in prosperity and abundance. Whether you see the oceans, the mountains, nature, or the earth, you will realize that we’re blessed. If you only see the lack of something, there are chances that some more will show up because like attracts like. On the contrary, if you choose neuro coaching and search for evidence of prosperity and abundance, more of it will show up in your reality. Brain based coaching and mindfulness strategies can help in creating a wealthy mindset. This can trigger insights into your brain and release powerful neurotransmitters, helping your brain develop a feeling of security. You can also get chances to grab inspiring possibilities and opportunities even if the current scenario doesn’t look too good from your perspective.

How to Develop a Prosperity Mindset?

a person in a busy street

1. Notice Abundance 

Abundance, in its principle, is having more than you need at the moment. Train yourself with the help of a leadership coach in India to see your life through a prosperous lens, rather than a lack lens. See abundance in a garden, in a grocery store, in your plate when you have more than enough food, in TV channels, in your phone storage, in the pens and pencils in your drawer, etc. This simple practice can yield profound results and it will help you to apply a positive outlook towards the bigger things in life.

a girl with her eyes closed

2. Start Appreciating and Expressing Gratitude

Remember that whatever you focus on will grow in your life. Every day, set a timer for two minutes and say out loud all the things you are grateful for. You can also set an alarm on your phone with the label ‘What am I grateful for today?’. Just do this for a week and notice the positive changes in your life.

decision making

3. Make Better Decisions 

When you opt for neuro coaching, the coach will hold you responsible and accountable if you’re standing at a crossroad and can’t make the right decision. Most of the times, having a negative mindset can lead to bad decisions which will cause worse repercussions in the long run. The emotional upheavals during a juncture can be overwhelming for many. Challenge yourself and take the right decision even in a tough moment to develop your prosperity mindset. Brain based coaching will help you identify the key areas where you need a friend to hold your hand and offer you empowering solutions that will enhance your professional and personal lives.

A leadership coach in India will teach you various simple techniques to release and replace your beliefs, thoughts, behaviours and emotions that might be holding you back. They will help you develop a better relationship with money that can lead to increased revenues and offer a sense of freedom and accomplishment. A prosperity mindset coaching will also ensure you can cultivate the skills for personal and financial success.

“You attract what you believe you deserve.”

Thursday, 9 August 2018

What is Transition Coaching and What are its Benefits?

If you’re going through any big changes in life, whether it is a new job, getting married, having children or facing all these at the same time, you can face many emotions. If you foresee a major change in your future and feel like you’re not prepared to handle it, it may be time to seek neuro coaching.

a neuro coach consulting a person

Brain based coaching studies what happens in your brain during a major life transition – whether it is a divorce, retirement, a significant loss or a career change. Some transitions are rites of passage which are celebratory and bring along lots of happiness (like the birth of a child or landing your dream job). On the other hand, there are some transitions that aren’t socially acknowledged and can cause lots of stress, anxiety and lead to overthinking if you aren’t focused.

a neurocoach coaching a person

What Does a Transition Coach Do?
Coaching can help you identify and clarify your core values during times of change. Whether you’re going through a positive or a negative change, dealing with emotions can be stressful. Even if it is something as joyful as the birth of a child, it can come with a set of worries like finances, timings, energy loss, lack of sleep, etc. which can impact your mental and physical well-being. Neuro coaching will help identify the key areas of your life that are working well and others that will need work. A transition coach is your advocate who believes in you and is rooting for your success. They will help you deal with all the expected and unexpected hurdles that come your way during a transition period.

Marriage, Divorce, Widowhood, Identity crisis

What are the Benefits of Working with a Transition Coach?

We all need to go through various transitions in our life. It can be personal like marriage, divorce or widowhood. It can also be health-related that causes us to take our well-being more seriously. We may also face a mid-life crisis where we lose our sense of identity and might question our entire life’s purpose. When you visit a leadership coach in India for transition coaching, they will understand the phase of life you’re going through and help you through a myriad of life stages. Some of the key benefits of brain based coaching include:
Create a clear definition of the new phase of life you’re going through
Explore how to optimize your time
Discover new personal interests like hobbies or leisure activities
Develop a positive and healthy attitude about your identity
Be more aware and sensitive towards your needs
Find your life’s direction and path
Create a joint vision for your future with your partner on the basis of respect, communication and encouragement
Create a strong support system
Be proactive and take good care of your physical and emotional health for long-term benefits
Learn to nurture your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues
Upscale your knowledge for a career transition
Learn how to avoid the common derailments associated with the change and transition in your life
Develop new skills that are required to get through the transition passage
Implement the changes in mind, brain and behavior

Visit a leadership coach in India if you feel like you’re going through a transition and want to excel at the new phases in your life. The right guidance can definitely help you deal with all the changes in a smart and happier way. If this blog was helpful for you and if you think that you are someone who can benefit from transition coaching, please visit us at Happy Brain Coach today!

Monday, 30 July 2018

Keep Your Mind in Check - How Can a Coach Help You?

Research has led to the discovery of the theory of multiple intelligences. This theory mentions that everyone has different ways to learn and different intelligences that they use in their daily lives. Some people prefer learning in a linguistic environment with writing and reading, others might prefer a mathematical and logic-based learning. Many others can benefit through kinaesthetic intelligence wherein they learn by doing something with their hands.

Howard Gardner identified seven different types of intelligence and stated that our potential isn’t limited by general intelligence but shaped by different intelligence types. The 7 types of intelligence include:
Linguistic Intelligence
Logical Intelligence
Musical Intelligence
Spatial Intelligence
Kinaesthetic Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence

When we can understand the kind of intelligence we possess, it can help us find a career or a job that plays to our strengths. For educators, identifying these bits of intelligences in children can help them encourage natural skills in little minds.  If you want to leverage your intelligence for your profession, brain based coaching can help you in many ways. To help you keep your mind in check and maximize the power of your brain, consider neuro coaching and you’ll be surprised at the results. Here’s how a coach can help you:

Step 1:
Evaluate your Multiple Intelligences

a coach talking to her coachee

A leadership coach in India will first identify your multiple intelligence's and figure out which intelligence is the strongest and determine the next 2-3 intelligence's that need to be worked upon.

Step 2:
Identify your Key Strengths 

a person looking at the camera

Next, your coach will identify your key strengths and determine how it can help you in your professional and personal life. For instance, if you have strong linguistic intelligence, you might be great at expressing your feelings, writing posts on social media or writing short stories or poems. If you have good logic intelligence, you’ll probably do well with analysis and have a logical reasoning for everything.

Step 3:
Identify Improvement Areas

a person talking to a coach

Neuro coaching will then help you identify the areas where you can improve to boost your multiple intelligence and become a leader. For instance, if you have lower interpersonal intelligence, attending workshops, resolving conflicts, boosting your emotional quotient, etc. can help you deal with complex situations easily. If your kin-aesthetic intelligence is low, you can try role-playing games, consider a small theater workshop, try some physical activities like running or yoga to better handle your body and boost your intelligence levels.

Step 4:
Plan of Action 

two people planning

Your leadership coach in India will help you determine a plan of action after choosing 3-4 intelligence that you need to work upon. You will also get some activities and projects to work on so that you can harness your multiple intelligence for personal and professional growth.

Brain based coaching helps you identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses so that you can improve your intelligence in various facets of your life. Whether it is your relationships, your health, your profession or your social life, you can build a strong foundation for long-term growth with the right coaching.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What to Do with My Intelligence?

Don’t you desire to be called as intelligent? You’re not alone. It’s one of the greatest compliments we can get and thus, is craved by one and all. People with great intelligence are often bestowed with lots of admiration and respect. Many times, you are viewed as a cut above the rest. However, there are some downsides to being termed as intelligent too. It can put a lot of pressure on you as you are expected to excel at everything and even a small mistake can be criticized. People generally tend to have a single perception of intelligence and thus, expect you to be smart at everything.

However, Howard Gardner of Harvard has actually identified seven distinct bits of intelligences and how each of them has a different field of excellence. He determines that everyone has a small part of all seven in them. But with neuro coaching, you will realize that over time, each person develops one area more strongly than others. Let’s look
When you opt for brain-based coaching, you will understand how you can identify your particular intelligence and use it to excel in the right profession.

1. Write Eternal Stories   

oprah winfrey

If you can express yourself exceptionally well, both verbally and in writing, you have a strong sense of linguistic intelligence. Your high level of awareness and ability to easily understand the viewpoint of others makes you a great storyteller. Typically, the left side of the brain is associated with linguistic intelligence. You can choose professions like writing, journalism, etc. and become the next Oprah Winfrey. Don’t forget to do your daily crossword puzzles to boost your intelligence.

2.  Find Success as a Strategist  

Warren buffet

Can you manage math and logic with ease? Have you always been fond of numbers? You’re the lucky stars with logical intelligence, associated with the right side of the brain. Your quick insights help you solve complex problems easily. A leadership coach in India can help you further enhance your logical intelligence to become more disciplined and organized. Such people make great analysts and strategists, just like Warren Buffet.

3. Run Towards Success as a Champion 

P.T Usha

If you have a great sense of space, depth, distance and size, you can think of becoming high-performance athletes, Olympic champions, dancers, woodworking professionals, etc. The cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls voluntary movements of the body is related to kinaesthetic intelligence. If you possess this intelligence, you can perform complex actions with precision and ease. Think you have it in you to become the next Usain Bolt or P.T. Usha?

4. Head to NASA  

 Neil Armstrong

If you’re constantly thinking of objects in 2D and 3D and can create and see things that most people consider impossible, a career at NASA could be waiting for you!  Professionals in architecture, gaming, multimedia, and aerospace display a high level of spatial intelligence. Think of Neil Armstrong and get ready to walk on the moon in your future.

5. Celebrate Life’s Symphony  

Ed Sheeran

Just like the rare musical notes, musical intelligence is hard to find. If you have the ability to listen to sounds and music while identifying different patterns and notes easily, you have the absolute pitch as per neuro coaching. All our favourite musicians, right from Bob Dylan to Ed Sheeran and R.D. Burman to A.R. Rahman portray this intelligence. 

6. Lead the Pack

Dalai Lama

You might have heard that some people are born to be leaders. They are the ones with great interpersonal intelligence. Just like any leadership coach in India, these are practical people with a great sense of responsibility. If you have interpersonal intelligence, you can identify the best quality in others, and make great influencers. Leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk have shown exceptional interpersonal intelligence.

7. Explore the Unbeaten Path 

Dalai Lama

This is a characteristic of people who are deeply connected with themselves. These kind of people are more reserved, but command great admiration from peers. From all the 7 types of intelligence, this one is considered the rarest. You can become spiritual leaders, guidance counselors, philosophers and psychologists if you possess this kind of intelligence. Great people like Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Osho, Swami Vivekananda, are examples of leaders with intrapersonal intelligence.

Are you often faced with the question of what to do with your intelligence? It may be time to opt for a brain-based coaching to understand what works best for your style of intelligence. With the help of a leadership coach in India, you can leverage your intelligence to its optimum level in your personal and professional life.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Types of intelligence that leaders must have

We often believe in a single concept of intelligence. Over the years we have grown accustomed to think that there are three categories of people, the intelligent, the hard worker and the unfortunate. But psychology defines intelligence quite differently. According to an American developmental psychologist there are seven types of intelligence. The way we see a person depends on the levels of these intelligence.
When it comes to leadership more than one area of intelligence becomes imperative. According to popular consensus, a leader should be ‘the smartest guy in the room’ we cannot deny that but there are other areas where the leader must excel, in order to lead the team better.
So what are the areas of intelligence?
Let’s take a brief look at all the types of intelligence.

    Logical Intelligence –

a person solving a problem

As the name suggest this intelligence is about your logical skills. People with high logical intelligence are problem solving, incisive, rational, meticulous and disciplined.

   Spatial Intelligence –

an artist imagining a castle

People with high spatial intelligence can visualize things in 2D and 3D. They excel in designing and visualizing. 

   Linguistic Intelligence –

a person debating in a contest

The people with the right word for the right occasion have high linguistic intelligence. Such people are good at talking and explaining things. They are also in a better position to understand other’s views.

   Musical Intelligence –

a girl playing an instrument

The people who can name a playing record in the initial few seconds and play it to you in the next minute are people who have high musical intelligence. These people have an ability to grasp music.

   Interpersonal intelligence –

a person guiding a group

This field of intelligence is high among the people who are comfortable in a group; they are good speakers and great listeners and have the ability to persuade others.

    Intrapersonal intelligence – 

a person meditating

Just like inter personal intelligence is about communicating with others intra personal intelligence is the ability to communicate with our selves. To understand why we act in a certain way, what’s the motive behind our actions, and how and why we feel in a certain way.

   Kinaesthetic Intelligence – 

a person practising a martial art

People with high kinaesthetic intelligence are athletic with great hand and eye coordination. They have a better control over their body which allows them to perform complex body movements. You would always find these people playing or talking about sports.
 These were the 7 types of intelligence. Having a certain type of intelligence does not cement you into a fixed character. These intelligences can be developed with practise and hence it’s possible for any on us to have multiple-intelligence. When it comes to leaders, it wouldn’t harm for a leader to have musical or spatial intelligence but interpersonal, logical and intrapersonal intelligence are something that he must have.
The logical skills will help him understand the nitty gritty of the job at hand, the interpersonal skills will help him convey the instructions better and make long lasting ties with employees and partners. The intra personal intelligence will keep his emotions in check.
While most of the leaders today have a high logical intelligence, inter and intra personal intelligence is something they lack in. But with regular practice and some mind full exercises they can improve in these fields and lead better. For more information on how to be an effective leader, visit us at Happy Brain Coach.  

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