Monday, 19 November 2018

All About Procrastination and How to Overcome it

Ever wondered why you procrastinate? What holds you back when you’re about to take a big leap? Brain based coaching often mentions that people who are anxious about the negative consequences of their actions tend to procrastinate more. Think about the times when you set a big visionary goal for yourself. Maybe you decided to get fit by waking up early every day and going for a jog. Maybe you wanted to pursue a new hobby to be more creative. Or maybe you aspired to be more social and meet up with your friends. However, there is something that stops you. It’s procrastination.

It doesn’t just affect your personal goals, but professional ones too. For instance, a lot of leaders in MNCs and other corporations experience that the first challenge to overcome when taking a leap is procrastination. It is linked to our brain structure. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fight it. Our brain is extremely responsible and changes throughout our lifespan. With the help of neuro coaching, you can deconstruct what your brain is indicating and definitely achieve your goals.

You’re Not Alone

Procrastination is a challenge faced by all of us at some point in our lives. When we’re productive, we temporarily forget procrastinating. Thus, we can feel accomplished and satisfied with ourselves and our work. Wondering how you can make these moments of productivity become a routine? With the help of a leadership coach in India, you can embrace strategies to take action.

Some questions that brain based coaching will help you ask and find answers to include:

fear is the reason of procrastination

1. What is the real reason that is holding you back?

Think about what are you scared about. Are you worried about the consequences or does it involve monetary issues? Pin point what is holding you back and you’re already one step closer to overcoming procrastination.

a regular procrastinator

2. If you define the issue as a habit, what would it be?

Are you a habitual procrastinator? Does it take you a lot of effort to take action when it comes to something new and exciting? Remember that habits can be changed too!

a fight in relationship

3. Where else is it impacting your life? How?

Is your procrastination impacting your relationships? Does it change the way you work or you take care of yourself?

a man making a plan

4. Now that you have had an insight, what would you like to do differently?

When you realize the effects of procrastination, neuro coaching can help you look at the ways in which you can change your habits.

a guy weighing pros and cons

5. What part of the goal/plan you are not buying into?

If it’s a business goal, is there any fear that you are worried about? In terms of personal plans, what’s the thing that is always pricking in your mind?

A person succeeding at his goals

6. What positive outcome do I get by completing this action?

Rather than thinking about the negative aspects of the goal, think about what will happen if you complete this action. Take small steps to overcome procrastination. You’ll be amazed at how positive results will help you do better in your battle with procrastination.

Take the support of a leadership coach in India and you’ll be motivated to make a change in your life. Goodbye procrastination. Hello positive actions!

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