Thursday, 19 July 2018

Types of intelligence that leaders must have

We often believe in a single concept of intelligence. Over the years we have grown accustomed to think that there are three categories of people, the intelligent, the hard worker and the unfortunate. But psychology defines intelligence quite differently. According to an American developmental psychologist there are seven types of intelligence. The way we see a person depends on the levels of these intelligence.
When it comes to leadership more than one area of intelligence becomes imperative. According to popular consensus, a leader should be ‘the smartest guy in the room’ we cannot deny that but there are other areas where the leader must excel, in order to lead the team better.
So what are the areas of intelligence?
Let’s take a brief look at all the types of intelligence.

    Logical Intelligence –

a person solving a problem

As the name suggest this intelligence is about your logical skills. People with high logical intelligence are problem solving, incisive, rational, meticulous and disciplined.

   Spatial Intelligence –

an artist imagining a castle

People with high spatial intelligence can visualize things in 2D and 3D. They excel in designing and visualizing. 

   Linguistic Intelligence –

a person debating in a contest

The people with the right word for the right occasion have high linguistic intelligence. Such people are good at talking and explaining things. They are also in a better position to understand other’s views.

   Musical Intelligence –

a girl playing an instrument

The people who can name a playing record in the initial few seconds and play it to you in the next minute are people who have high musical intelligence. These people have an ability to grasp music.

   Interpersonal intelligence –

a person guiding a group

This field of intelligence is high among the people who are comfortable in a group; they are good speakers and great listeners and have the ability to persuade others.

    Intrapersonal intelligence – 

a person meditating

Just like inter personal intelligence is about communicating with others intra personal intelligence is the ability to communicate with our selves. To understand why we act in a certain way, what’s the motive behind our actions, and how and why we feel in a certain way.

   Kinaesthetic Intelligence – 

a person practising a martial art

People with high kinaesthetic intelligence are athletic with great hand and eye coordination. They have a better control over their body which allows them to perform complex body movements. You would always find these people playing or talking about sports.
 These were the 7 types of intelligence. Having a certain type of intelligence does not cement you into a fixed character. These intelligences can be developed with practise and hence it’s possible for any on us to have multiple-intelligence. When it comes to leaders, it wouldn’t harm for a leader to have musical or spatial intelligence but interpersonal, logical and intrapersonal intelligence are something that he must have.
The logical skills will help him understand the nitty gritty of the job at hand, the interpersonal skills will help him convey the instructions better and make long lasting ties with employees and partners. The intra personal intelligence will keep his emotions in check.
While most of the leaders today have a high logical intelligence, inter and intra personal intelligence is something they lack in. But with regular practice and some mind full exercises they can improve in these fields and lead better. For more information on how to be an effective leader, visit us at Happy Brain Coach.  

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