Friday, 13 April 2018

Five Senses Loop Technique

five senses loop technique

Are you a creative person?

We believe that every person whose mind is capable of generating innovative ideas is a creative person.

So, how many ideas do you get in a day?
On a good day we know that your mind is flooded with tons of ideas.
But what about the bad days, the days when you can’t think of anything; when your mind is distracted over everything around you. It becomes more frustrating when you are close to a deadline.

So how do you tackle it?

Here’s how….

Lack of focus is not a permanent state. You can change it whenever you want.
It is natural to lose focus when you have to juggle between many things every day. All you need to do is train your mind.

You already do it without your knowledge. How? Remember the time when you wanted to buy a car? What did you do? You researched extensively about it for a couple of days. What happened after that? Every time you left the house you saw that car. You saw it on your way to work, in the office premises and even in movies.

How did it happen?

When you researched about the car you trained your mind to focus on the car. In the field of psychology this phenomenon is called ‘The Gatekeeper Effect’. You set a gatekeeper in your mind to let only important things (in this case a car) in and keep away the distractions. Hence, your brain became receptive to that car.

Sounds fair?

So how do you use it to get focus on the things that you want to achieve?

How do you intentionally set a gatekeeper?

Well, programming your mind may sound very hard to you but it’s easy. You start with a deep breath. You acknowledge your surrounding through your senses. You offer your gratitude towards your senses. Then you look inside you and thank your qualities. Then you think of the people whom you love and thank them.

This is how you build your way inside until you reach your core. Once you are there you think of the goals that you want to achieve.

Then you consider that your goals are achieved. You feel the happy to have achieved your goals. This is how you set a gatekeeper.  

Wasn’t it simple? It’s also quick. You can program your brain in just 5 simple steps which takes around 7-8 minutes.

Once you do it; you will be an entirely different person from what you were before.

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