Monday, 30 July 2018

Keep Your Mind in Check - How Can a Coach Help You?

Research has led to the discovery of the theory of multiple intelligences. This theory mentions that everyone has different ways to learn and different intelligences that they use in their daily lives. Some people prefer learning in a linguistic environment with writing and reading, others might prefer a mathematical and logic-based learning. Many others can benefit through kinaesthetic intelligence wherein they learn by doing something with their hands.

Howard Gardner identified seven different types of intelligence and stated that our potential isn’t limited by general intelligence but shaped by different intelligence types. The 7 types of intelligence include:
Linguistic Intelligence
Logical Intelligence
Musical Intelligence
Spatial Intelligence
Kinaesthetic Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence

When we can understand the kind of intelligence we possess, it can help us find a career or a job that plays to our strengths. For educators, identifying these bits of intelligences in children can help them encourage natural skills in little minds.  If you want to leverage your intelligence for your profession, brain based coaching can help you in many ways. To help you keep your mind in check and maximize the power of your brain, consider neuro coaching and you’ll be surprised at the results. Here’s how a coach can help you:

Step 1:
Evaluate your Multiple Intelligences

a coach talking to her coachee

A leadership coach in India will first identify your multiple intelligence's and figure out which intelligence is the strongest and determine the next 2-3 intelligence's that need to be worked upon.

Step 2:
Identify your Key Strengths 

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Next, your coach will identify your key strengths and determine how it can help you in your professional and personal life. For instance, if you have strong linguistic intelligence, you might be great at expressing your feelings, writing posts on social media or writing short stories or poems. If you have good logic intelligence, you’ll probably do well with analysis and have a logical reasoning for everything.

Step 3:
Identify Improvement Areas

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Neuro coaching will then help you identify the areas where you can improve to boost your multiple intelligence and become a leader. For instance, if you have lower interpersonal intelligence, attending workshops, resolving conflicts, boosting your emotional quotient, etc. can help you deal with complex situations easily. If your kin-aesthetic intelligence is low, you can try role-playing games, consider a small theater workshop, try some physical activities like running or yoga to better handle your body and boost your intelligence levels.

Step 4:
Plan of Action 

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Your leadership coach in India will help you determine a plan of action after choosing 3-4 intelligence that you need to work upon. You will also get some activities and projects to work on so that you can harness your multiple intelligence for personal and professional growth.

Brain based coaching helps you identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses so that you can improve your intelligence in various facets of your life. Whether it is your relationships, your health, your profession or your social life, you can build a strong foundation for long-term growth with the right coaching.

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